The transport company Iugintertrans has started working in the field of Foreign Economic Activity since 1992. Any shifting of cargo across the state borders foresees its customs clearance, i.e. making the range of special procedures. SA Iugintertrans provides entry of transit operations by the specialists of the Customs Clearance Department of the enterprise for all goods across the countries of the Customs Union, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, the countries of the Customs Union, the Ukraine, and Byelorussia for the purpose of optimization of expenses while crossing the state borders.

Our partners, providing customs clearance of goods, are Transit Net SGS SRL Moldova, the insurance company Arsenal, the Russian Federation, OOO Ukrtransagent, which render us services to guarantee tariff protection of smuggled goods.

For the years of our functioning, we have acquired rich experience of cooperation with both transporters and forwarders, collided with various situations in the countries of the UIS and abroad. All in all, it is difficult to make us be surprised by problems and emerging questions as we have already come across them and we are sure to have ready-made decision.

All our employees have higher education and, mainly, they have the practical experience of work at market place of smuggled goods services.

Since 2013 SA Iugintertrans renders customs services concerning provision of financial guarantees and entry summary declaration also for other transporters, fulfilling transit of goods on the territory of the Customs Union.

Cooperating with our company, you are sure to receive qualitative services, careful attitude to your delivering. If some necessity appears, we shall warn you about possible problems, even if it does not concern our rendered services.

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The Russian Federation (The Customs Union) is included into the principal services, rendered for the clients of the company SA Iugintertrans. The customs specialist of the company renders the twenty - four – hour guarantee service of IC Arsenal, Russia. It is enough for the client to send the copy of documents to online – demand (E – mail is indicated in the Contacts).

The price of execution of guarantee services depends on the following indices:

  • The amount of customs and taxes
  • The length of the supply route of cargo ( to 100 km, it is considerably cheaper)
  • The number of CMR (International transport and forwarding services, codes of goods, separate surety) is registered to transport goods. Each next code, starting from six, is additionally paid – 1 euro. To save the time of getting guarantees for goods transit, it is necessary to prepare copies of all the accompanying documents for the goods in advance, before submission of applications (CMR, invoices and packing lists). It will help to make calculations of the customs dues and taxes for each code of goods according to CCC (Custom Commodity Code)

Procedure of receiving guarantees for transit of goods meets no difficulties. For this purpose, the client shall:

  • conclude an agreement with SA Iugintertrans on rendering service;
  • send electronic copies of the documents to the address of E – mail: CMR, invoice, registration certification of the vehicle and a driver’s passport. In case the information containing in the documents to fill transit declaration is not complete, it may be necessary to give other documents, this event is solved on the telephone immediately.
  • In electronic application form, you must point out the customs station to cross the borders of the Customs Union and customs point of delivering cargo, expected the date of transit cargo arrival to the borders, and the driver’s telephone number.
  • You shall pay to SA Iugintertrans in accordance with the sum of money, fixed in the agreement. While crossing the customs borders of the Russian Federation, it is enough for a driver to give the number of the electronic transit declaration and guarantees to a customs inspector.


Electronic advanced informing is notification of the standard pattern, having detailed information on transportation and imported goods to the territory of the European Union and the Customs Union.

Electronic Advanced Informing (EAI) informs the customs authorities about goods, transmitted through the customs borders of goods and  means of transport, which are mentioned by the Customs Laws of corresponding countries. The customs specialist of SA Iugintertrans is ready to fill electronic advanced declaration so that your cargo could cross the borders in accelerated mode.

Advantages of Advanced Notification are the following ones:

  • Cutting the time of notification on the motor vehicle crossing point
  • Cutting to the minimum the customs formalities
  • Possibility to transit goods in the shortest possible terms

To get services of advanced electronic notification, it is necessary to provide a full set of transportation documents to the representatives of our company three hours earlier, before the arrival of transport vehicles to the motor vehicle crossing point.

Documents which are necessary for purchasing of EPI service :

  • CMR;
  • invoice;
  •  copy of TIR document;
  •  vechicle registration certificate;
  •  driver's pasport;
  •  packaging list (if available);

Information about entry point from which has been crossed the border of European Union or the Customs Union.