International motor transportation is the principal kind of activity, fulfilled by the vehicle pool SA Iugintertrans.

The first international motor marches were made in 1989. Since that time, many things have changed: transportation set, routes, borders, legislation. One thing remains the same – the quality of our services. Numerous awards of the Association of International Transporters are the proof.

To have the high level of progress, the company has made great efforts in introduction of the latest innovations in science and technology to optimize logistical support in transportation. Our motor cars are supplied by the tracking system, which allows us to control all details, important to provide qualitative management in real – time mode. Today’s software allows us to administrate this process to the full.

One of the important aspects is selection and training of drivers, riding the motor – cars. We, by right, are proud of our drivers’ qualification, whose skill is constantly improved by attending special courses. All our drivers possess international certificates, giving them the right to work on the routes.  Our motor park is constantly modernized. Nowadays, it consists of 70 compositions of tarpaulin semi - trailers and haulers – category euro 5, and category euro 6, the volume is 86 – 98 cube meters. We also possess 25 compositions of tank bulks for food products.

For the long period of our functioning, we have acquired great experience in doing complicated project transportation, including transportation of oversize cargo. Our experience allows us not only solving problem situations, but also preventing from emergence of them, doing vehicle loading, and unloading, customs clearance of cargo and on – route.

We solve all attendant problems including organization of supply route and help in processing of accompanying documents. Our motor vehicles are provided by all the necessary documents, which guarantee the qualitative services for fulfilment of international transit. CMR – insurance with limit of responsibility 300 000 dollars of the USA for each insurance event, КАСКО – auto – hull insurance, CEMT.

Our transport company is interested in long – term cooperation and that is why it fulfills its work to the full degree of quality and effectiveness.




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